Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 14- Chi-chi-chi Le-le-le

To start things off, I need to brag about how awesome it is to be living, working, and serving here in Chile. Por lo menos, it´s at least 10x better than any other mission... granted there may be some biased in that judgement. I´ve got the greatest people and spiritually speaking, the most "prepared" sector in all of the mission. Everyone believes in God which saves me the confusion of trying to help people realize that there really is a god. But on top of that, there´s families galore in Victoria who have found faults and flaws in their churches beliefs and are looking for the truth. The only thing that I have to do is not have the fear to talk to everyone. Which more and more is becoming less and less of a problem. I´ve come to realize that if I truly love this work as much as I always say I do, there´s nothing more that I am asked to do and actually want to do than to share it. At times I feel lazy and tired and days where in all honesty I don´t want anything more than my watero (a little bed heater that uses boiled water) and sleep all day. But the more that I read the scriptures and then share what I learned from reading each day with our less active members, investigators, and contacts through testimony and simple gospel centered conversations the more I feel a pure love of this gospel and the people I have been called to share it with.
The truth is that before my mission I never read the Book of Mormon... I went to church and lived like a normal mormon is taught to live, but I never really put the thought into reading the one book that seperated me from everyone else. I´ve always wanted to serve a mission because well thats just what mormons do. I wish I would have done it sooner but since the beginning of my mission 3 months ago, I started reading and studying the Book of Mormon and my faith and testimony of its devine truth has grown immensely. I´m in the middle of Alma right now and hope to finish it by October 20th (the end of this next cambio, in English first before I finish it in Spanish by Christmas). But this growth in desire has opened up my mind to understanding and feeling more strongly than ever before in my life the influence of the Holy Ghost.
There´s not much more I want to say this week about my experiences here or the funny things that have happened, but rather use this weeks letter to encourage anyone who hasn´t or even those who have, to read the book of mormon and pray about it. I know that it will bless and change the life of anyone who reads it.

Con todo amor,

Elder Mundell

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