Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Week 10

This week was nuts, not really in the good sense that it should be on a mission though... Unfortunately my trainer got sent home and I am now an orphan with no Padre. After finding out, I then was asked by my mission president to give a blessing of comfort for him but really struggled to get out the words because I was just in tears. He was given one day to pack and say his last goodbye´s to all the people that have become really close with him here and then left the next day. He was a great missionary.

I did however get a really sick orange tie out of the deal, but that still can´t make up for losing a missionary. The branch, the members, and all of our investigators were absolutely devistated and now I have the hardest job in the world of trying to fill in his shoes.
As a result, I have now broken a missionary record and become a Zone Leader just 5 weeks into my mission because my new companions are the zone leaders... Ipso Facto ZONE LEADER MUNDELL!!! Hahaha

I had the funniest experience since being out on a mission happen just a few days ago where we were eating lunch at this old lady´s house and not really much was happenning... but then her phone rang and it was this SUUUUUUPER gangster rap song for her ring tone and I couldn´t hold in my laughter and just started cracking up!

My investigator of gold is giving me a lot of troubles trying to baptize her because she keeps on missing going to church because of little things that keep happenning saturday or sunday night that she can´t go on sunday. That´s probably the most frustrating thing for me right now is just that... but other than that I think that everythings going just about as good as it could be. The language is coming along great-ish and I´ve got a ton of animo to go out and teach.

Today we also had return and report and I got to see all my friends from the MTC!

The effects of not keeping a journal are showing! I don´t remember much from the week any more and time is just flying by.

Until next week,
Elder Mundell

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