Friday, September 27, 2013

Week 13

Hola! Familia y Amigos!
I´m beeming right now on my mission! Every day just gets more and more cheestoso and I´m having more and more success as missionary and with the members. I´m more confident and comfortable than ever with my abilities and they are still growing by leaps and bounds every few days. This week I dont have a whole lot to say other than I am truly finding my groove and what I want to be as a missionary. I feel so much love for the people and the Lord and want to share it with everybody here! Contacting is no longer a fear, but rather 2 hours of my day that I anticipate and look forward to eagerly every day. For the oportunity to share more and talk with the people of Victoria. Now begins the hunt for more investigators, and my companion and I have the faith that we will find them.

This week I had another and presumably my last baptismal "first"... This baptism marked my first converso that I had taught and prepared all the way from the first lesson to the end. She and her daughter were baptized in a rather odd, even gross way though... haha. The Wednesday before was that big Fiesta and apparently the Rama had used the baptismal font to thaw the frozen chicken. So we did our best to clean it out and still there was chicken grease when we filled the font. So the only solution we could come up with was to walk in first before our converts (Daisy y Javi) and splash around the water so that they couldn´t tell how gross the water was. They will never know! Muahaha

Also, our Zone of Victoria is also breaking records down here. This month we will have 18 baptisms -- The 3rd most in the history of the Chile Concepcion Sur Mision. Heyo! Granted, its not all about the baptisms and moreso the people making this great step in their life, but its still a pretty awesome mark.

Hasta Proximo,

Elder Mündell

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