Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 15

I had to get back to my roots this week... Fotos and Stories

So two weeks ago, after our crazy 18th party, I must have ate something bad because I got really sick. I was throwing up all night, and my laziness paired up with my sickness and I slept in the bathroom so that I wouldnt have to run downstairs to throw up. That night and the following day was miserable... And then I had my first experience in my life with laxatives too! Hahaha

Then like a week later a huge part of my tooth chipped and I had to go to the dentist to get it fixed. Thankfully the medical care here is suuuuper cheap but fairly good.

Then this week we went contacting in the campo and found a few new investigators... The cows and horses.

Ive also developed an obsession... Something that Im sure every missionary goes through, but Im hooked on ties. I cant stop collecting them. Haha

I know there has to be more but I really cant even think right now. Aaaaand I didnt restart my journal until last night so now I should be able to remember more or less whats been going on.

This week was also really weird because I was SO PUMPED for General Conference... The first time ever that Ive looked forward and anxiously taken notes and studied the conference talks. I was so excited and so nerdy at the same time. Even after the hymns it was like "Oh YEAH! BOOM, REVELATION!!!" hahaha, like I said dorky in every mormon/missionary sense of the word. And the older missionaries only told me that it gets worse over time.

On the more spiritual side of things, I honestly learned so much through conference this session. Not that so much of what they said was so profound but just the thoughts that came to mind and then wrote down were really surprising to me looking over my notes after it all. The messages have given me so much desire to find anything that I can improve first in myself, then do whatever I can to help the people I am sharing all this with. 

Elder Mundell

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  1. Sure you're not still in the US, CJ? Oops, I mean Elder??