Thursday, September 12, 2013

Week 11

This week was really great for a missionary! Really I just want to say that obviously I´m still improving on the spanish, my teaching ability, and my scriptural knowledge, but THIS WEEK IS ALL ABOUT FUNNY STORIES

First things first.

This week there was a man who after going to church with his family for 15 years and not ever being baptized just out of the blue one day decided that he would do it. He had his interview and was definitely ready and knew all about the questions for his baptism and was baptized the next day. But who did it? This gringo father who had come down to Chile for a week for the wedding of his son to a Chilena. He didn´t speak a word of Spanish but spoke through his super strong testimony and great spirit and love for this gospel. It was something really cool to see this man baptized and also the man who did it.

So that´s the cool missionary story, but now here come the bromas of Missionary life.

1) We played football in the street at night after going to a wedding for a missionary who returned to marry a Chilena
2) I MADE IT IN THE CHILEAN NEWSPAPER!!! FOTO AND ALL!!!! For winning a basketball tournament

Ah Crap! Haha I forgot my agenda with all the stories written down I´ll have to write them in my email next week... My memory stinks since coming out on a mission 

But hey, In all reality I´m loving this work. This next week we´re baptizing an entire family of 4 with a 3 year old daughter who will be baptized later. Then next week I have a family of 3! Today marks the end of my 1st Cambio so tomorrow I get my new companion. 

Sorry for the lame letter, next one will be better.

Hasta opróxima semana,
Elder Mundell

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