Monday, March 17, 2014

This whole training thing.... it´s harder than I thought

So I think I´m going to just ask you guys to read this one

I don´t think I knew just quite a training consisted of... Hahaha I kinda missed out on that part of my mission and now to be put back into a training environment I have no idea how to do it, and do it right/good. I wanted to be the coolest dad, but it´s been hard to establish a real strong relationship with my kid. I already knew this, but I´m not exactly the best at first impressions. So I´ve tried just setting an example of hard work and obedience -- hopefully the relationship will come with more time together since this is his first real time away from home. His name is Elder Haws, from Sandy, Utah and is part of the young generation of missionaries (18 years old). He came really prepared, speaks spanish very well for someone who only has a week in the mission field, but is experiencing a bit of trouble with home sickness, depression, sleep deprivation, and very strong thoughts of returning home. About a month and a half ago his mom told him that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was going to need to start chemo therapy and he hasn´t been able to handle this tragic situation very well. It has troubled him deeply and pretty much every moment of the day he is just weighted down with so much sadness that I don´t know how to brighten up his day... I´ve shared my experiences and counsel but it doesn´t seem to have much effect, he told me that he is so bogged down by the whole dilema that it is hard for him to focus on the mission.
Today we had a very powerful interview together with President Martinez and after talking with him for a good long time, and calling his parents, it´s looking like he has set his mind on going home. The last thing I would ever want, and now I´m starting to find myself thinking of whether or not I´m doing a good job as a first companion to help him work through this hard time.

On a related note, I would really like it if you guys could pick out a few of your favorite conference talks of all time and send them to me to print out and read, in addition to any real powerhouse missionary talks/divocional talks that you can think of. As well as looking for another one that focuses on the Atonement, Trials, and Faith that I could share with mi hijo.

Thanks for the love and support, hope all is well back on the home front

Much love,

Elder Mundell

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