Monday, March 17, 2014


Well, with this last cambio just ending the news has come in, and it looks like I´ll be a Dad in the next cambio and receive my first hijo! I´m going to be training a newbie missionary -- Woo Hoo! I´m hoping he´ll be a gringo so that I can still kind of fake it like I know what I´m doing and saying hahaha but pretty much it´s going to be my responsibility to teach him the ropes of how the mission works and set the example of obedience, diligence, and fun for the rest of his mission. 

   It´s been a great week! We had 2 more baptisms this week, found a bunch of new people to start teaching (including the families of both women we baptized), and we had a miracle man walk into church Sunday from out of nowhere saying he had never been baptized but had been investigating this church a while back and now knows it to be the true church of Jesus Christ and wants to be baptized! Really the only bad part was that I spent all last night in the bathroom throwing up...

My comp, Elder Miller is going to be bumped up to zone leader in this next cambio and is going to my old sector, VICTORIA!!! So I´m loading him up with a bunch of letters to give out to the members over there.

The rest of my week will be described in photos:

1)  We went to lunch last week and realized that our new branch president looks JUST LIKE Steve Carrel!!!! Haahahaha

2)  This is how I look like during district meetings...

3)  Found this little piece of home in the streets of Chile! Who´da thunk...???

4)  Our awesome investigator of gold who got baptized, Lorena

5)  Going to lunch in the country side, when this happened

6)  Other awesome lady who got baptized, Sandra

7)  This hole was HUUUUUUUUGE!!!!!!! And they´re my favorite pants...

8)  My old zone from this cambio

Love you guys!

Elder Mundell

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