Monday, March 17, 2014


Yup! You guessed it! We baptised our famous abuelita this week! Everyone has been talking about our 93 year old convert, how she magically showed up to church the Sunday before her baptism, and how right after she was baptised she just started cracking up in the baptismal font! I thought that I was happy when I was watching her walk down into the water, but turned out that she was even happier! Which is really great because I really don´t know how much of our Gringo Spanish she understood, but after teaching all the lessons with the photo book she always insisted on knowing when her baptism was. When we told her that it was at 5, she was like "In the morning?! Okay, I´ll be there at 4:30!" She is the funniest old lady too, every time she sees me she just starts laughing. And somehting good that came out of her baptism was that now we´re going to start teaching her grandaughter who has a FAMILY OF 5!!!!!!!!!!

Our entire house has been super sick this past week. The Hermana Misioneras in our district "cooked" us pizza that wasn´t very cooked at all, and gave us all... Let´s just say "stomach problems"... Hahaha
The worst one affected was my comp who was confined to bed all day yesterday (hence the photo).

Thats really about it! Lorena and Sandra are the next 2 to be baptized this 22nd and they´re both golden.

Enjoy the pictures!

Un Abrazo,
Elder Mundell

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