Monday, March 17, 2014


I had no clue the Olympics had started?! I went over to Maria´s house (the abuelita convert) to watch a Mormon Message video with her, when I turned on the TV and saw Snowboarding!!! Sooo... I got super trunky and wanted to stay there and watch it, but I was on an exchange with one of the Assistants from the Mission Office and had to be on my best behavior haha.

This week was a little slower than normal... Even nothing really changed in the way that we had been working, other than the fact that out of the 7 days of the week 5 of them were with exchanges -- which was a pretty lame. I always give my companion a hard time about how much he doesn´t love me and wants this cambio to come to an end the fastest possible, but the truth is that I love the guy and we´ve seen a lot of really great things happen in our time together. I would say we compliment each other because I´m the stupid, good at joking around with the people and he´s the spiritual giant who has THE VISION TO BAPTIZE! So i´ve really enjoyed the chance to be able to learn from him, even though we have the same time in the mission. From the looks of it, Elder Miller´s going to be leaving the sector and I´ll be receiving a new companion next week. But before ending this cambio, we´ve got 2 more baptisms of our best investigators -- Sandra y Lorena. Now the hunt is on to find more people to teach once they´ve been baptized. BUT the best part of baptizing, comes from the lessons afterwards and their love for the missionaries and the gospel and how much they want to share what they´ve experienced with their family! Now the daughter of Lorena has a baptismal date in March! Oh yeah, and now we have one more house that we can use the bathroom when we´re super far from our house, without any shame!

I can´t really think of much more that´s been going on... I´ll make sure to be super nuts in this next week. Just so you can see how much my socializing skills have changed, I set the goal to talk to 200 people this week. That´s got to bring with it some stories! :D

Hasta next Sabado!

Su hijo/amigo/hermano

Elder CJ Mundell

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