Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Week 6

I´M IN CHILE!!! How crazy is that?!

I can prove it because even the keyboard is different here, which is making it suuuuuper hard to write this email hahaha. I don´t even know where to begin!

My flight was 24 hours of travel in total, but I slept through probably a good 10 hours of it... I have so many funny stories but so little time to share them all because I only have 45 minutes now every Lunes to write my emails home. (¡BUMMER!) You´ll all just have to read my mission journal afterwards to really get a feel for how great this mission has been so far. But lets just forward to the present and I can tell you all about where I got assigned, who my trainer is, and whatnot.

I got assigned to an elder named Elder Miyasaki (yeah, kind of ironic because I know the Miyasaki family back in Miami too haha). We´re working in a city called Victoria which is kind of a small town but is so much fun. All the people I have met are really kind and love us Gringos. I lucked out too because my trainer (my ´dad´) has an adopted mom here (my abuela) who works at a restaurant and gave me and him free burgers my first day here! I don´t know what everyone was talking about the food here being bad, because so far I haven't had one bad meal! Except for the fish one night and they have this soup ´Casuela´ that is pretty gross... but other that that I am just LOVING LIFE RIGHT NOW!

My Spanish is still pretty weak compared to where it needs to be in order to fluidly communicate with the people here without pausing every 3 words or so to think about what i´m saying... the hardest part though is trying to understand! THEY SPEAK SO INCREADIBLY FAST, IT´S NOT EVEN FAIR!!!!

I´m sorry no pictures or funny stories this week. It´ll take me a while to figure out this whole deal but when I do, i´ll send an email with all my pictures so far. 

Elder Mundell

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