Thursday, July 25, 2013

Week 5: Last one before Chile!!!!

HOOOOOOLYYYYYYYY COWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT IN JUST 4 MORE DAYS I'LL BE HEADED OUT OF THE USA AND DOWN TO CHILE!!! IT'S NUTS! I can barely comprehend the fact that I've somewhat learned a new language in just 6 weeks (Take that Rosetta Stone) and now comes the trial by fire, where I'll be thrown into the literal lion's den and force fed Spanish until I can finally understand and speak it fluently. Wish me luck!
I had so many spiritual experiences this week that I don't have time enough to say it... So you'll just have to wait to read my mission journals to get a full sense of HOW SPIRITUAL this week has been! I'll list some of the talks that I've read this past week and again encourage you all to go read them whenever you have some free time to spare.
  • Gordon B. Hinkley -- "Lord, Increase Our Faith"
  • James E. Foust -- "The Lifeline of Prayer"
  • "Learning to Rely on the Lord"
  • ¡The best one! -- Richard G. Scott -- "How to Obtain Revalation and Inspiration for your Personal Life"
All of these are remarkable talks that I found, and the one by Elder Scott was given to me personally by my teacher as I was having some "speedbumbs" during the past week. The messages contained in all these talks really helped me and I know that they can also help anyone who reads them with a sincere question that they have been pondering in their hearts. My testimony on this church and it's gospel was overwhelmingly increased due to these experiences.
This week I was ambushed with Love!!! Like an almost crazy amount of it! Haha. I got a 27 pound package from my Aunt Michaela containing 28 awesome ties, and BASTANTE DULCES! I'm glad my mission president isn't a dentist because he would not be proud of the sweets that are being ingested by my companions and I. Then I received one from Casey who, being a missionary himself, knows EXACTLY what a missionary wants to get in a package. Like an iPod filled with Mo-Tab and other church music, for his brother who never went a day without listening to music before his mission. And to top it all off, Alba Zarate went above and beyond on the creative aspect of packages and sent me a collection of letters from all my friends with words of encouragement, and all telling me how proud of me they are. It was really sweet and I am truly thankful for everyone who participated. It meant a lot to me :)
I leave from Provo, UT headed to Santiago Chile, then an hour plane ride from there to Concepcion! It's a 16 HOUR DIRECT FLIGHT FROM SLC TO CHILE!!!! I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW SUCH A THING EXISTED!!! So I depart the MTC at 9:30 Monday morning and my actual flight leaves at 1:55pm out of SLC, and then I'm off to the greatest mission area in the world! -- No biased there ;) Cool thing is, I'll have the chance to call home before I get on my plane so that means you, DAD, better be strapped to your purple cell phone all day monday! Hahaha

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