Friday, November 22, 2013

Elder.... Mundial?

"Thug shots" with our Eagle

It´s been a big week here since I last wrote! My name is getting more and more easy to pronounce for the people as more and more qualifying games are being played for the World Cup (Mundial) and Chile keeps kicking butt -- beating England this last Friday! Hahaha. At least 10 times this week when I introcuded myself in contacts the person calls me "Elder Mundial" and we start talking about soccer and how sad it is that Chile´s gonna lose to the United States in the World Cup. But hey, at least my name is helping out the mission work out here!

Also this Sunday was elections for the Presidency so all that has been going on is a BUNCH of fiestas in the streets and communities throughout the area. Trying to get a good night´s sleep with all that going on was pretty impossible... 

BUT, on a related note, I had my first encounter with a Chilean dream revelation/interpretation! The other night I was sleeping and dreaming of mission stuff like being in the middle of a lesson and was sharing scriptures with the investigators and members in all my lessons one scripture in particular -- 4 Nephi 1:11. I have no clue why it was this scripture because I´m not even in that part of my scripture study nor ever used 4th Nefi in my lessons before... but none the less I just remembered this scripture standing out super clear in my mind during the whole night, and when I woke up first thing I did was go and find out what this scripture was that was so profoundly in my mind.    You´ll need to look up the scripture to finish the story, I don´t have mine on me right now to write out what it says, but just trust me when I say it´s a pretty funny endiing.

We came across this "American Truck" sitting outside of the house while we were contacting
(And not in that <----)

My comp and I also took another adventure out to the new sector that we´re opening and got so incredibly lost! This town isn´t even that big, but we started walking out to a reference house that we recieved who lives out in the couwn-tray! This dude had a road leading to his house that lasted an eternity, going through woods, farms, and just pure nothing. We had been walking for 30 minutes on this road trying to find it when a guy goes driving by in his car and we decided to give up and ask for a ride back into town. Later he told us that he knew the family we were looking for and that if we had kept walking it would have been another 45 minutes until we´d arrive at his house!

Gracias for the support everyone!

PLEASE SHOOT ME AN EMAIL THAT I CAN RESPOND TO!!!! Haha, I want to know whats going on with you all in Gringo-landia (and also who won the World Series)

Les AMO,

Elder CJ Mundell

P.S. -- Oh yeah, I´ve done some missionary stuff too... My comp and I have reactivated two families this week! WOOOO!!!!!!!!!

I FINALLY GOT MY PACKAGE!!!!!! It´d been sitting in the mission office for 3 weeks.... # The pains of living in the southern part of the mission :P

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